Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What I did today:
(1) Got up, had coffee, whey protein shake.
(2) Jacked into the net, did email (1232 emails; fought it down to 1106 emails).
(3) Went to gym (chest-shoulders-triceps).
(4) Went to work, tried to catch up (email back up to 1132; got it down to 1113).
(5) Went for coffee, chicken sandwich, discarded bread.
(6) Tried to catch up again (email back up to 1154; got it down to 1122).
(7) Went for coffee; have to have some courage to really nail the email this time.
(8) While getting the offee, email back up to 1216. Fought it back to 1102.
(9) Packed up bag, ready to go; 11 more emails arrive, now back to 1113. It is hopeless.
(10) Went home to rest for another day fighting email.